Mom and Dad

This picture was taken on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA during one of their visits to see me in CA. This is the same ship that Dad traveled home from the war in 1945. What a relief it must have been to be coming home, playing cards in the ballroom and finally being able to relax. This picture was taken in 1993!


All about my Dad

My Dad, Harold Hoffman Savage, known as "Bud" by family and friends, was born November 6th, 1917 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Bud was one of 7 children, and the 4th born to Edna Huber Savage and Newton Kline Savage. He, and his brothers and sisters (Leonard, Kline, Marj, Mary, Dot, and John (Tim)) grew up in Parkerford, PA, close to their church where his mother, my Nana, played the organ for the congregation.

Bud attended a one-room schoolhouse from first grade through 8th grade and continued on at the Spring City High School where he graduated in 1936. After WWII, he attended night school at Temple University, Philadelphia in 1946 and 1947.

Bud joined the Army in 1941 to Battery C, 107th Field Artillery, and 28th Division in Phoenixville, PA and transferred to Indiantown Gap, PA as Corporal in Headquarters Battery. He then attended Officer's Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Monmouth, NJ in 1942 and graduated as Second (2nd) Lieutenant on December 30, 1942 and was attached to the Signal Corp of the 8th Army Air Force.

He then went to England in June, 1943. After arriving in England, he stayed for about a year at an Air Base. Then he went to Belgium, just before the Battle of the Bulge, and stayed there until the war ended.

He received an honorable Battle Star for his outstanding performance and then returned to England and came home on the Queen Mary. He was honorably discharged on December 24th, 1945 as a First (1st) Lieutenant.

During one of his leaves from the service, he proposed to my Mom, Lillian E. Normann and was married on October 20, 1945. After their wedding ceremony, they went to Sunnybrook for their reception to dance (they were great dance partners!) The Charley Spivak Band called them up on the stage and they danced to "It's been a Long, Long Time". This was especially touching since Bud had been overseas for 2 1/2 years.

They lived in Royersford where Bud opened up Savage's TV and Appliance Business. He had distributed RCA merchandise for which he received numerous awards. He had learned this business while in the Army and also by going to night school at Temple University. He later built a new store and moved his business to the expanding area of Royersford.

Throughout the years, Bud and Lillian had 8 children. One can just imagine how busy they were supporting and raising 8 of us: Glenn, Sonia, Brad, Ty, Joy, Lisa, Kim, and Rog.

In 1980, he retired from his TV and appliance business but continued to work on his sawmill, played in bridge tournaments, played bridge on the computer with people all over the world, and enjoyed being with his family.

Bud was always active in church. He had been a member of the Parkerford Baptist Church all his life and previously served on the Board of Trustees, Diaconate Board and taught Sunday school. He also served on the Cemetery Board.

He had been very active in business organizations. He was the past President of the Lion's Club and the past President of the Royersford Business Association.

Bud had always been an avid and expert bridge player and was awarded a Masters in Bridge. Although he was a master at many things, including being a master of a father, this was a major accomplishment in his personal life.

Being such a great bridge player, him and my Mom had taught my older brother and I to play bridge. So many nights we'd set up the card table and play some rounds of bridge. I always enjoyed those evenings.

He taught me how to play baseball, how to ride a bike, and just so many things. He also taught me a lot about nature. "Red skies at night is a sailors delight"; Red skies in the morning is a sailors warning"; when the leaves on our old oak tree out back turned upside down, it was going to rain-and it surely did; when all the birds stopped flying and sat on the phone lines, it was going to rain-and it surely did! Oh, just so many little things that he taught me that now I pass on to my children and friends and I always say "my Dad taught me that".

He also taught me how to play chess. I have to smile when I think back because when we'd play, he'd let me win a few games to get my confidence level up so I wouldn't become discouraged. I always knew what he was doing though but it was so cute. I never did beat him fair and square but I sure enjoyed the lessons and spending time with him.

Other memorable times for me was helping him at his store after school. First I dusted the appliances, then I graduated to helping his secretary. He often sent me up to the "Spot" to get him some coffee too. I really enjoyed learning his business and having the opportunity to spend more time with him.

A favorite yearly vacation was going to Canada to the "bush" where you can catch huge fish! Without fail, Dad would take the older children to Canada every year. Dad taught us how to survive in the wild and taught us all about fishing. It was a special time that we got to spend with our Dad, plus it gave our Mom a little peace and quiet as she stayed home with the young ones.

Having spent a lot of time in Canada, he learned how to speak Canadian French fluently. Even when he stopped taking trips to Canada, he could still speak great French!

My Dad was always very supportive no matter what and always offered words of encouragement. I don't know how many times he had said, "if anyone can do it, you can". They may seem like simple words, but they sure go a long way!

My Dad was a wonderful father and friend and I thank the Lord that I was his daughter!

Bud's hobbies and favorite things:

Hobbies: His sawmill and playing bridge.

Favorite teams: Eagles and Phillies

Favorite music: 1940's

Favorite books: Sherlock Holmes

Other favorites: Taking his grandchildren for rides on the tractor and spending time with the family.


All about my Mom

My Mom, Lillian Eugenia Normann Savage was born to her Norwegian parents, Eugene A, and Sigrid (Andersen) Normann on November 23rd, 1923 in Fairview, New Jersey.

Lillian was one of 4 children and 3rd born. She was only minutes behind the 2nd born as she is a twin to her sister Sonia. (I was named after my Aunt Sonia!) Her older sister was named Sylvia, and her younger brother was named Eugene Ankar but died at the age of 3 1/2 years.

Lillian, her twin sister Sonia, and her older sister Sylvia were wonderful singers due to their natural abilities and from the teachings of their father. Their father initiated their singing careers at the ages of 11 and 13 and named them the "Normann Sisters". I remember her father, my Grandpop, telling me how he taught them to sing and how he was so proud of them and their abilities. He was quite the perfectionist, so you know they were great with every word and note they sang.

They began by singing in churches and various organizations and Variety Shows. In 1938, they began their singing careers on radio stations WFIL and WIP and continued singing until Sylvia married in 1943.

During World War II, Lillian became a USO hostess and became a member of a triple trio called "The Harmonettes". They entertained the soldiers at the USO and the Valley Forge General Hospital and other various functions. They were extremely well-known in the area. Besides their voices being in harmony, they also brought some harmony to the soldiers during the war.

Being the city girl, she also worked in Philadelphia as a bookkeeper for an accounting firm, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.

She graduated in 1941 from Phoenixville High School and attended Norristown Business School while working.

Lillian married Harold Hoffman Savage on October 20, 1945 and subsequently, raised 8 children: Glenn, Sonia, Brad, Ty, Joy, Lisa, Kim and Roger. They have 21 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren!

Before she married, she was a member of the St. John's Lutheran Church in Phoenixville. After she was married, and at the age of 28, she joined the Parker Ford Baptist Church in Parker Ford, PA. As an active member, she sang in the choir and served on the Diaconate Board. She was also the Treasurer of the Philathea Class and joined the Quilter's Group, Ladies Aid Committee; Music Committee, and Flower Committee. She also performed volunteer work for "Project Outreach" where they bag groceries for the needy. This is also affiliated with the Church.

With 8 children, one can just imagine all the diapers that were changed, all the baths that were given, all the meals that were prepared, all the chauffeuring she did, all the PTA meetings, school plays, and after school functions she attended, all the cakes she baked for the bake sales, all the clothes she washed and ironed, and everything else. Even though we must have run her ragged, she was and is still always fun to be around. All she has to do is walk in a room and immediately there is love and laughter.

Among all the household chores, and Dad's work at the store or up at the sawmill, they did find some time for each other whether it was going on vacation by themselves or sitting by the fireplace after all the children were sleeping.

My mom has always been prim and proper but unpretentious. I use to get comments from my classmates all the time that I had such a beautiful mother. It always made me proud. Today, I still get the same comments, plus, she runs circles around everyone, including her children!

It was a rare occasion, if ever, that anyone ever saw her without a dress or nice outfit on whether she was at home or out and about. Instead of pulling out her hair with all the children, she went to the beauty salon on a weekly basis, not that she needed to, but she always wanted looked her best.

I can remember watching my mom putting cream on her face every single night. I use to tell her how pretty she was. She would just say, oh, and slough it off, but she has always been such a beautiful person with such a warm, loving way about her that just being around her made you feel comfortable and loved.

Each day she would do the crossword puzzle that was in the paper. No wonder her mind has always stayed sharp! She still does the crossword puzzles today.

Every day when I'd come home from school if I didn't go to my Dad's store, mom and I would sit at the kitchen table and have a little snack while she asked me about my day. I generally had peanut butter and crackers with milk, and she generally had gouda cheese and crackers. Continually watching her petite figure, she would say, "Now, I'm just going to have a little slice of cheese". But before we knew it, there would be a dip in the center of the cheese. She would always make me laugh commenting about how that dip could be there when she only took little slices. We still laugh about that, and she still takes those little slices.

No matter what my Mom did, she never gave up. If she was trying to solve a problem or a puzzle, she would stick to it until it was solved or until she finished her project. She probably never even realized that her actions taught such a great lesson, but they did.

My Mom is adored by everyone. She has always showed her love with her actions, her hugs, and her words. She always keeps a peaceful home. She's quite a lady, and quite a mom and I thank the Lord that I am her daughter!

Lillian's hobbies and favorite things:

Hobbies: Crossword puzzles, volunteer work, spending time with the family and shopping.

Favorite teams: Eagles and Phillies but prefers baseball over football. She's an avid Phillies fan!

Favorite drink: Maxwell House Coffee

Favorite TV Series: I Love Lucy, Big Bang Theory

Other favorites: Spending time with ALL the family. She also loves treating us to her special homemade meals!

Myself, and my brothers and sisters are very lucky to have such loving parents and have always offered us unconditional love. They have been there for us every step of the way. They have always been wonderful parents and wonderful friends. Thank you Mom and Dad!

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