The Fallen Tree (2009)
Dad, at 91 years young and Rog making more firewood from the fallen tree after a whopper of a storm.


This is the Sawmill

This is the Conference & Waiting Room


This is the type of logs he cuts

These are some examples of the wood he makes from the logs

Dad keeping busy

The mill, logs, and cut wood

A nice closeup of the sawblade

The workings of the mill

This "hook" helps grab the wood to position it on the track

This is part of the mechanism that pulls the log in place

This log is next

Here's where those pulley systems really come in handy!

A nice overview of the sawmill workings

What do you think this is?

Before turning in for the evening, Dad stops by the garden to pick some fresh veggies. Just look at that strawberry! Yummy!

This is the area where we have had many, many, MANY picnics. The picnic tables and the fireplace were made by you know who!

That was a GREAT day, says Dad!


Day is done, gone the sun....

Thank you to my brother Rog for taking all of these fabulous pictures!

Bud's Sawmill
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